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For all those WHL fans out there (which is... none reading, that i know of...) [30 Mar 2005|02:23am]
(oh, and not Jennie, thankyouverymuch.)

can someone explain how Kamloops has a 2-1 series lead on Kootenay, aka a team that had 43 more points than them during the regular season? that surprises me even more than the Vancouver Giants having a 2-1 series lead against Kelowna... oh, those Giants...

Giants Playoff RambleCollapse )

Highlight of the game was the group of English (i'm 99% sure they were English) tourists behind me. At times i was thinking "people should know more about the game than that", as they seemed to be rather unfamiliar with a lot of the stuff... but then I thought that if I went over to England (HI GRACEY!) and watched something like football or rugby, I'd seem just as out of place... so that made it fun. OH! and they were very fascinated by Skittles for some odd reason.

(hey Kaitlyn... didn't you say you knew a Giants fan on your friend list? hahaha. :P)


[15 Mar 2005|10:53pm]
I've reeeallyyy hit a wall here.

Yes, I know it's the last tough part of this project.
Yes, I know I've been able to pull things off OK in the past couple months.
Yes, I know I've got 3 1/2 weeks left.

Still, it's frustrating. I don't want to go to bed, but I can't think straight enough to find a solution otherwise, so perhaps a fresh start is what I need.

(just letting you all know i'm still alive. or something.)


[22 Feb 2005|04:16am]
from toolshed.down.net

[02/20/05] - Maynard in Chains | Maynard in movies

This past Friday night, at a benefit concert for tsunami victims in Seattle, the three surviving members of Alice in Chains played two sets with a rotating set of vocalists, including our very own Maynard! Maynard sang with the band during "Them Bones", "Man in the Box", and was part of a vocal ensemble (also featuring Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd and Nancy Wilson from Heart) during "Rooster." Thanks to Tony for the news that most of us missed a fantastic show. Anyone who happens to have audio from this show is encouraged to get in touch with us, so we can share it with the masses. §

Also, Maynard writes in to let us all know that he recently played the role of Deputy Lance in the independent movie "Sleeping Dogs Lie." Check out the amusing pic of him at sdlmovie.com. §

And really, there's hardly any news these days.

Damn, that would have been cool to have been there for that.

Way for me to take a "nap" at 6pm or so, and wake up at 3am...


[20 Feb 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | eXtremely sleepy ]

Motivation, come back!


Whyyy do I keep laughing? hahahaha. [14 Feb 2005|07:56am]
Perhaps it's because I like looking back in the LJ archives and seeing what I did a year ago today....

http://www.livejournal.com/users/colin2k2/2004/02/14/ <--- last year's entry, which just happened to link to 2003's Valentine's Day entries. Man, it's just such an event in my life. Clearly.

I really should change my colours to something LESS loud. Done.

IIIIII WANNNTTTT BC KELLYYYYYYY DAATTEESSSS. At least Canadian dates are starting to come out now, so *hopefully* we get a show or two out here. And yes, if there's one in Vancouver and one somewhere in the interior I AM doing the doubleheader again.

Was there a point to this entry? Not really. I just want something to laugh at next year.

don't ask.


[28 Jan 2005|01:17am]
Am I the only one who didn't know that there was a Paz Lenchantin remix in the aMotion DVD/CD set? Normally I'm not one for remix discs, but... this one's decent.

As for the rest of this entry... it's pointless to waste time trying to put my thoughts into words... so I won't. ;)


[23 Jan 2005|06:20am]
Whyyy is it that so many bands only do 2-3 Canadian dates (if they do any, that is), and those ALWAYS end up being Toronto, Montreal, and possibly Quebec City?

Not that I should be worrying about concerts anyway... not now, at least.


[18 Jan 2005|09:19pm]
It's a good sign when I'm getting bogged down with work and we're barely halfway through January.

Just as a comparison between this year and last year with my project, I present the following data.

  • Number of pages I handed in at the end of the Winter 2004 semester: I don't know the exact number, but I don't think it was more than about 20-30. Actually, I'm almost 100% sure it wasn't that high.

  • Number of pages I plan on submitting at the first status report point (Friday): 40.

I'm not sure if this is an indication of how well things are going this semester, or an indication of how poorly I did things last semester. Probably a bit of both. I honestly think that today, on January 18th, I've reached about the same point as I did on March 18th of last year.\

At that time, I just didn't seem to care. I expected to pass, but I expected to be able to pull miracles out of my ass to do so, just like I'd done the previous 15 1/2 years of schooling. I didn't really care enough to WANT to pass though, as I'd never felt the feeling of failing. That last eight months of the year, for as much as it absolutely sucked, was probably the greatest thing to ever happen to me. It gave me a sense of what I didn't want to do again, and inspired me to actually get my ass in gear.

Holy CRAP is it ever raining here.


[12 Jan 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | down ]

new computer's here. i quite enjoy it, although, not so much for the fact it's anything special, but for the fact it's... a computer.

i did something weird tonight. i decided to withdraw from my Psych 102 class on the eve of the first class. there's two main reasons for this... i'll save over $300 by doing so, and... more importantly, frees up more time to focus on my CIS 440 project. I'm not really wanting to let a course I was taking solely for personal interest start to interfere with a course I need to pass to graduate, and have already failed once.

The main reason I actually signed up for that course in the first place was to serve as motivation to get me in more of a school/homework mode. I'm there already, without that course. The fact they changed how the project works, requiring something to be handed in every two weeks, instead of just at the very end like in the past, really keeps someone like me from over-procrastinating, and keeps me working constantly.

Hopefully it's the right thing to do. I'm confident that it is.


[10 Jan 2005|11:09am]
[ mood | impatient ]

I'm actually working on my project now. =O I guess the semester is officially underway as of this morning.

BUT.. there's still a big problem. I still have no clue if my proposal for the project got approved or not. Obviously I hope it does, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. The feedback was supposed to be returned on Friday though, and it's now Monday. I'm guessing I'll find out today.

I guess I should just keep working on it as much as possible regardless.

nm. it got approved... sort of. i do have to modify and/or change one thing...

at least i got a good advisor... :D


Snow pics... the first bunch of likely many. [06 Jan 2005|02:35pm]
I should do these updates more often... usually I don't because I'm too lazy to resize, upload, link, and caption photos. I decided to take away the final two of those problems by using my Kelowna photobucket account (since my normal PB account is private/protected, if I remember correctly, and I didn't feel like making a third account).


Edit: not really related but it's something that touches back on a previous entry, in reference to the project proposal I handed in, only to find out that I had to email it instead of handing in a physical copy. I freaked out because by the time I actually found out about this, it was ten days after the deadline, and I half-expected that they wouldn't accept my proposal.

Good news is, I got an email yesterday saying that they'd look at it with the others that were submitted on time. So, that basically means that if my proposal's not accepted, it's gonna be because of the proposal itself, not the fact I didn't submit it properly. Tomorrow's gonna be a nervous day waiting for that word though, because I'm getting KINDA excited about working on this thing, and the last thing I want is my plans to get shot down. I'm trying to be optimistic.


[05 Jan 2005|09:26am]
Orange Bowl + World Juniors BlabCollapse )

I got my speakers yesterday. The problem with speakers is that you don't always have opportunities to test them out. Case in point, the first song I put on with them, "Stream of Consciousness", woke up my sis. Oops. I just wanted to see how they sounded! Even right now, as I have the thing set up in my room, I can't really turn it up all that loud, as my dad's sleeping downstairs. Oh well, my time will come, and that time will be rather fun.

My parents also ordered a relatively cheap home theatre system... cooool stuff. All I need is a free house to go crazy with my increasingly large library of music DVDs.

My computer's shiipppeeddd. Weee. Hopefully it comes within the next week or so. That would be EXTREMELY nice. It's been a week since mine died. It seems like it's been longer, and that's even with the ability I have to use my parents' computer. Perhaps it's the fact I've barely worked in the last 2 weeks... I mean, tonight's my 12th night off in the last 13.

I still think this song (Dream Theater's "The Great Debate") sounds EXTREMELY Toolesque in parts. That's not a bad thing by any means.


[01 Jan 2005|03:40am]
i'm getting addicted again. this isn't good. i'm lucky that my computer's dead and my new one won't be here for likely a month (maybe? i don't know)... so it will be tougher to bring myself to do this. The only reason I've been on all night tonight is because I've been donated the family computer for the night, and my grandma's sleeping in the living room... AND the fact that I napped much of the evening so I can't really sleep now.

Not to mention... we are officially into January 2005. Winter 2005 semester officially starts on the 10th. I'll find out by the 7th if my proposal's accepted. If it is, then I'll be well on my way. I have to have confidence in myself... and I think I will. The only thing holding me back this time is what happened in the past, and I have to pretend as if the past never happened. Aaaand... unlike last year, I don't have so much "extraneous fecal matter" to worry about.

I'm a smart guy and have the ability to work my way through tough situations. There's nothing that says I can't do it again.

(if only i'd get off the damn internet. twenty to four. sheeesh.


[31 Dec 2004|09:50pm]
It always seems that odd-numbered years are better than even-numbered years for me. 2004 definitely lived up to the negative side of that equation. I'm not about to get into it, because last time I started my "2004 year in review", this computer crashed.

If no one's noticed, I'm doing exactly nothing. Bryan phoned earlier. I just let it ring. Call display is either my best friend, or my worst enemy. It allows me to avoid things I don't want, yet causes me to miss chances to make things better.

I ordered a new PC. Ain't that exciting. Too bad it will only take like 2 months to get here.

Yeah, I'm just gonna pretend I live in Chicago (or anywhere in Central Timezone), stay up for a few more minutes, and then go to bed. Not like I'm missing much.

Happy new year, folks.


[31 Dec 2004|04:14am]
First off, I kinda lucked out with a weird scheduling quirk at work. Superstore's closed on Christmas and New Year's, which, this year, happen to fall on Saturday. Each holiday effectively means that there are two nights where no one has to come in (the morning that the store's closed, and the night after the store's closed). Since, each week, I'm scheduled Thursday to Saturday, I've had two shifts each week dropped. Thus, after a four hour shift this morning, I'm onto my second six-day break in two weeks.

New Year's... I can't say I've ever really done anything. Can't say it's gonna change much this year. When you consider that... the friends I *do* have all annoy me and I don't want to hang out with them, and I'm not the kind of guy who will just go to a random get-together somewhere, it's to be expected that I won't do much.

Computer stuffsCollapse )


Good news/bad news. [30 Dec 2004|02:16pm]
Bad news: my computer's shot.

Good news: it died while watching the Evanescence IMX interview.... because I'm the last Ev fan to watch all of these things. Kayla kicks my ass.

Anyway... I'm computerless once again, much like I was three years ago. I think it's basically the same problem as it was back then, except it was a LOT more dramatic this time.

To put it bluntly...... my computer blew up. There's a little more to it than that, but... since I saw a mini-explosion, and stuff still smells rather burnt, that's how i'm gonna describe it. To be more specific, the capacitors on the motherboard are shot. While watching said video, the computer just randomly turned off. I tried to turn it back on, to no avail. I then took the side cover off, and looked at the capacitors... they looked a little strange, and things smelled a tad bit funny. I tried turning it on another couple of times, and eventually it started, and I felt optimistic... for a second or so, until I heard this lovely *pop* sound, which also included the rather interesting (and saddening) visual of a spark/flame/explosion/take your pick. I decided at that moment that I'm not gonna try to turn that computer on ever again.

So... i'm stuck on the parentals' computer until I figure out a solution to my problem. Hopefully I can do so in the next couple weeks because I'd like to have my own computer working for school, not to mention a huuuuge withdrawal from my MP3s, etc.


Here we are - Children of Sun and Stars, the first to know and to understand. [30 Dec 2004|01:08am]
I don't care how weird the lyrics are, I really like this song. I oddly like how I've been going back to liking songs that bring no emotional response whatsoever... unless you count "this is fuckin SWEET!" as an emotional response.

This night marks the last night of the longest break from work I've had all year, being six nights. Actually I had a six-night break in June when I went to Texada. MUCH LIKE THIS ONE, I did most of my sleeping during the day, since for whatever reason, I never got my sleep pattern going properly this time around.

There's no great entry to be written here, actually. Other than a few brief items, that is.

My new default icon is hot. Obviously.

I'm rather looking forward to January 2.

I hate when my niceness gets me into trouble. Not even so much "niceness"... but rather my inability to learn lessons from past experiences of stupidity. I overcomplicate things.

I NEED MY NEW SPEAKERS. I actually found my old ones... well, one speaker and the subwoofer. I find headphones give me a headache so I went that route. I clearly rule.

(i was gonna do a year in review thing, but then i remembered that nothing happened, and even if something DID.... it's not worth updating. PLUS, i still have 42 1/2 hours left in this year to do such a thing.)

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